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Book launch ‘On civilian harm’

On 17 June 2021, the PAX Protection of Civilians team launched its publication ‘On Civilian Harm’. In this book, PAX studies the varied negative consequences of the use of violence that civilians in conflict-affected societies experience.

The book calls for more attention for less visible effects from conflict like psychological trauma, protracted displacement, loss of livelihood, and so on, and identifies opportunities for security actors to mitigate such ‘civilian harm’ in future conflicts.

During the book launch, we celebrated this rich publication by inviting the book’s editors to speak about the origins, main message and purpose of ‘On Civilian Harm' . This was followed by a panel of external civilian harm experts in the second half, including:

  • Alma Mustafic (lecturer and Srebrenica Survivor)
  • Christiaan Triebert (New York Times journalist)
  • dr. Lauren Gould (Assistant Professor at Utrecht University)
  • Marc Garlasco (Military Advisor at PAX)
  • Youssef Rahman (Senior Political Advisor at Amnesty Netherlands)

The event also contains a clip of the handover of a first copy of the book by PAX Director Anna Timmerman to Dutch Minister of Defense Ank Bijleveld.

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Jul 05, 2021


PAX Protection of Civilians

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Book launch ‘On civilian harm’