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Training for Protection

To protect civilians, security forces need practical knowledge, tactics and strategies. PAX assists military institutions and others to develop and conduct training modules to protect civilians and mitigate civilian harm.

Translating PoC principles into action
To protect civilians, military actors need to understand the human environment in which they operate. They also need to know how to mitigate civilian harm, facilitate access to basic needs and contribute to a safe environment. As such, protection involves a wide range of military functions, including intelligence, targeting, operational planning and civil-military cooperation. Practical training grounded in local realities helps prepare troops for the protection of civilians in dynamic, complex and unpredictable field environments.

PAX develops its modules based on existing NATO and UN curriculum materials and assists military institutions, using a range of conceptual frameworks and methods.

PAX’s approach includes:
– Collaborating with accredited military training centers to develop and deploy comprehensive PoC courses
– Working bilaterally with military institutions to adapt their existing curricula or exercise simulations
– Consolidating and sharing best practices in training for protection

For more information, see PAX’s Protection in Practice project.

Photo: PAX

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