PAX works on the protection of civilians in collaboration with a variety of expert organizations around the world. Our core partners include the following institutions:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In 2016, PAX became a Strategic Partner for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). This program's partnership was expanded bilaterally in 2019 with the Department for Stabilization and Humanitarian Aid (DSH). The Netherlands is committed to building a safe, stable and prosperous world. To contribute to this broader foreign policy goal, DSH uses an integrated approach to humanitarian aid, reconstruction programs and improvement of security, rule of law and governance, particularly in crisis and (post-) conflict settings.The PoC team partners with the Dutch MFA to develop training modules on PoC and provides policy advice based on research in conflict areas.

Assistance Mission for Africa

Assistance Mission for Africa (AMA) is a South Sudanese NGO operating in Unity, Lakes and Central Equatoria states. AMA works to promote human rights and facilitates communities to work on their own development. To achieve this, AMA secures livelihoods and manages natural resources. They also work on peace and community security, social justice, sustainability and capacity development.

Intimacies of Remote Warfare

The Intimacies of Remote Warfare is an independent, evidence-based research program within the Utrecht University Centre for Global Challenges that aims to inform scholars, policy-makers and the public about the intimate realities of remote wars.

Iraqi Al-Amal Association

The Iraqi Al-Amal Association is a non-political, non-sectarian organisation that works to build capacity and raise awareness about social issues in Iraq. Its goal is to create peace, sustainable development, gender equality and respect for human rights. Al Amal has programs around income generation, advocacy on law reform, psycho-social support, legal assistance and training courses. Headquartered in Baghdad, Al Amal specifically focuses on women and younger people across the country.

Iraqi Al-Firdaws Society

The Iraqi Al-Firdaws Society promotes women’s rights, including greater economic empowerment and political participation. To this end, they provide training and education for women on leadership skills and democracy. Al Firdaws also works to demilitarize communities and support youth who are affected by conflict. Headquartered in Basra, they also support broader community development and engage diverse communities to work together for a better future.

Justice and Peace Commission – Catholic Diocese of Torit

Justice and Peace Commission - Catholic Diocese of Torit (JPC-CDoT) is a faith- and church-based organization active in Eastern Equatoria State, South Sudan. JPC-CDoT actively engages with diverse communities to work for a better future for the members of the community and for more peace and security in the region.

Stimson Center

The Stimson Center is a neutral policy research center working to promote international security, shared prosperity and justice through applied research and independent analysis, deep engagement and policy innovation. Headquartered in Washington, DC, their award-winning research serves as a roadmap to address borderless threats through coordinated action.

Wand Al-Khair Human Organization

Wand Al-Khair Human Organization (WAHO) is an Iraqi organization on a mission to ensure a dignified life for people affected by displacement, including host communities. To achieve this, they organize humanitarian, development and peacebuilding activities to protect human rights, promote social justice and battle discrimination. Based in Diyala, WAHO implements projects to advocate for women’s empowerment, provide legal assistance, support emergency livelihoods and enhance access to justice.

Regular collaborations

1 (German/Netherlands) Corps

1 (German/Netherlands) Corps (1GNC) is a multinational military headquarters, based in Münster and led by two framework nations: Germany and the Netherlands. 1GNC can be deployed quickly under NATO, the EU and the UN in response to potential humanitarian or conflict crises. PAX is a signatory of the Common Effort Community and participates in 1GNC’s joint scenario exercise to build and promote effective interaction between non-governmental and military organizations.


Airwars is a collaborative non-profit transparency organization that monitors civilian harm inflicted by military actors. They track and assess claims of non-combatant casualties and ‘friendly fire’ deaths from international military actions, primarily air and artillery strikes. They rely on media coverage, social media reports, official records, and casualty monitoring organizations, to assess the civilian toll of campaigns in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya. Headquartered in the UK, PAX and Airways collaborate in the Netherlands and Belgium to raise awareness of this issue with the aim of reducing battlefield casualties.


Bellingcat is a platform for investigative journalism that uses open source and social media investigation to research a variety of subjects around international conflict, crime and human rights abuses. They are a grassroots collective of expert researchers, investigators, and citizen journalists using technology to advance transparency and accountability. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Bellingcat has won numerous awards for journalism and public communication.

Every Casualty

Every Casualty is on a mission for a world where no casualty by armed violence is left unrecorded. They work with an international network of practitioners and data end-users to increase political will and resourcing for consistent implementation of casualty recording in all situations of armed conflict. Together, PAX and Every Casualty support casualty recording organisations and promote the practice as an international obligation for sovereign states and intergovernmental organizations.