Topics overview

We work to protect civilians living in conflict. To achieve that, we carry out research, hold security actors to account and help international security actors to put civilian perspectives first.

Civilian Harm

PAX researches the impacts of the use of force and advocates for improved policies and practices to mitigate civilian harm.

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Community Engagement

PAX promotes constructive dialogue between civilians and security actors to improve the relevance, inclusivity and accountability of PoC.

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Data for Protection

PAX studies the tools used to collect conflict data and advises security providers on how to responsibly protect civilians.

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Human Security Survey

PAX utilizes inclusive research and dialogue to facilitate civilians in advocating for their security priorities.

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Protection Policies

PAX advocates for civilian-centered PoC strategies informed by community engagement and accountable practices.

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Training for Protection

PAX helps develop and deliver training modules for security forces to improve the protection of civilians.

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