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Community Engagement

Facilitating meaningful engagement between conflict-affected communities and protection actors is central to the PoC team’s approach and contributes to the overall aim of improving inclusive human security.

Engaging with communities for inclusive and accountable protection
PAX views community engagement as a participatory process in which the parties decide together how to discuss and respond to issues. This involves bringing together the people and organizations who ‘demand’ and ‘supply’ protection. Meaningful community engagement is characterized by ongoing dialogue.

PAX’s approach includes:
– Advising PoC actors and civil society on how to design and implement community engagement strategies
– Convening global experts in community engagement in virtual or in-person events to share lessons learned
– Conducting research on common challenges and established best practices in conflict-affected environments

For more information, see PAX’s Engaging International Actors on PoC project.

Photo: PAX
report 08 January 2021

Community Engagement: Concepts, Guidelines, and Recommendations

This literature review provides an overview of publications that address the concept and practice of Community Engagement (CE) in conflict- and crisis- affected contexts. The report forwards recommendations and best practices for a more strategic approach in building trustworthy and mutually beneficial relationships with local populations in conflict settings.

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