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HSS 2018: Summary findings from Jonglei State, South Sudan

The Human Security Survey (HSS) was developed by PAX's Protection of Civilians team and includes a series of complementary activities, including population-based research, community engagement and advocacy.

PAX and its partners conducted large-scale quantitative research in March 2018 about the nature of security threats facing civilians in Jonglei State, South Sudan, as well as the impact this has on their daily lives and their expectations for the future.

Community security dialogues were organized afterwards to present the initial survey findings and subsequently have a dialogue with local community stakeholders in Jonglei about security issues that warrant follow-up. This report summarises the Human Security Survey findings and presents the main conclusions from local community security dialogues in 2018.

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Date of publication:

Jan 29, 2019


PAX Protection of Civilians



HSS 2018: Summary findings from Jonglei State, South Sudan

Jan 29, 2019

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