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#11 (S2E5): Police Performance in South Sudan: The Law Enforcement Gap

In this episode, Annie and Marc take us to South Sudan where they interview people about civilian perceptions of local police performance, the challenges people face in seeking effective police assistance, and what may happen when people start looking for alternative sources of protection.


  • John Malith Mabor, Senior Project Officer, PAX
  • A former community surveyor (anonymous)

This podcast is brought to you by CIVIC and PAX. This episode was written by Erin Bijl with assistance from Anton Quist, Hans Rouw, Lauren Spink, Annie Shiel, and Marc Garlasco.

You can find a full transcript of this episode here.

To learn more about the protection of civilians and police performance in South Sudan, see:

This episode included a clip from Al Jazeera.

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Date of publication:

Mar 28, 2023




March 2023


Guests: John Malith Mabor, Senior Project Officer (PAX) and a former community surveyor (anonymous)

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