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Human Security Survey: South Sudan

The Human Security Survey (HSS) is a survey methodology developed by PAX’s Protection of Civilians department to expand civilians’ voice and agency on protection issues. The HSS includes multiple methods, such as population-based research, community engagement and advocacy, and is currently implemented in Iraq and South Sudan.

Human Security Survey in South Sudan

Since 2017 the HSS project has interviewed thousands of civilians and engaged diverse communities and authorities in constructive dialogues about how to make security more civilian-centered in South Sudan. PAX works in close collaboration with two local partners: Assistance Mission for Africa (AMA) and the Justice and Peace Commission-Catholic Diocese of Torit (JPC-CDoT). Together we implement the HSS in five states in South Sudan: Central Equatoria (Juba county), Eastern Equatoria (Magwi county), Jonglei (Bor South, Twic East & Duk counties), Lakes (Yirol West, Yirol East & Awerial counties) and Unity (Payinjiar county).

The HSS involves random selection procedures to generate representative data at community, household and respondent levels. We publish details of the sampling method and survey methodology, as well as analytical reports and interactive data dashboards with the research findings. For more details about the HSS in South Sudan, see the dashboard below.

About the Human Security Survey

The idea underlying the HSS is that civilians living in conflict need to have greater voice and agency on the protection issues that affect them. To achieve this goal, PAX and its partners conduct large-scale quantitative research in conflict areas. The research findings are brought back to local communities to create opportunities for dialogue with key authorities. At the international level, the HSS is used to influence policy providing first-hand information about conflict-affected populations. The survey is continued over multiple years to track trends and work towards sustainable change.

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Anton Quist, Project Lead HSS South Sudan:

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Data Dashboard

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