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Human Security Survey Outcomes 2018: Basra, Iraq

The Human Security Survey (HSS) is a methodology developed by PAX to collect data and facilitate dialogue about civilians’ experiences and perceptions in situations of conflict. The intended purpose is threefold:

  1. To increase the understanding of local security dynamics and trends
  2. To enhance the ‘claim-making capacity’ of civilians to identify their priorities and hold security providers and decisionmakers accountable
  3. To enable international stakeholders to design and implement protection activities that reflect local priorities and experiences using evidence-based advocacy

The survey in Basra took place over 3,5 weeks in March-April 2018. Fourteen enumerators completed 756 surveys across the governorate’s 7 districts. Communities, households, and individual respondents were selected to participate through a systematic and approximately random procedure to increase the likelihood of generalizability.

A summary of some key findings from our recent survey in Basra can be found here. More detailed reports are forthcoming.

PAX implements all aspects of the HSS in close collaboration with its local partners, the Iraqi Al-Amal Association and the Iraqi Al-Firdaws Society.

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