Report | 2 February 2018 | by Helena de Jong


Human Security Survey: Key Findings Basra

The Human Security Survey (HSS) is a methodology developed by PAX’s Protection of Civilians team to collect data and facilitate constructive dialogue about civilians’ experiences, perceptions, and expectations in situations of conflict. Between March and April 2017, 683 surveys have been conducted across the governorate’s 7 districts in Basra, Iraq. This periodic summary report presents our key findings.

The summary report is part of a series of reports covering different thematic topics for each of the 3 governorates where the HSS is currently conducted (Basra, Kirkuk, and Salahaddin). Forthcoming reports in this series will cover: Gendered Security Dynamics; Experiences and Perceptions of Vulnerability; and Civilian Relationships to Security Actors and Other Authorities.

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