The Team

Anton Quist

Project lead Human Security Survey (South Sudan)

Anton QuistAnton is a human security and civil-military specialist, with a background in social science and development studies. Anton obtained a Master’s degree on Cultural Anthropology and Non-Western Sociology at Leiden University, a Bachelor’s degree on Arabic Language and Culture at Leiden University, as well as an Advanced Master International Development at the Radboud University Nijmegen. Previously, Anton has worked with United Civilians for Peace (UCP), ICCO and Kerk in Actie, before joining PAX in 2013.

Email: quist -at- paxforpeace -dot- nl
LinkedIn: Anton Quist

Carrie Huisman

Project lead Human Security Survey (Iraq)

Carrie HuismanCarrie is a conflict resolution, governance, and human security specialist with a technical background in research and program evaluation. She worked previously with several implementing organizations, including Freedom House and Search for Common Ground, and served as a consultant for a wide variety of international institutions (such as the International Criminal Court, Save the Children, USAID, and the World Bank, among others). Carrie obtained a Master’s degree in Law & Diplomacy from the Fletcher School at Tufts University. She joined PAX in 2016.

Email: huisman -at- paxforpeace -dot- nl
LinkedIn: Carrie Stefansky Huisman

Hans Rouw

Overall Program Lead Protection of Civilians team

Hans RouwHans is a security and disarmament specialist with a decade of progressive experience in research, project management and advocacy on human security approaches in conflict. He worked in South Sudan, DR Congo, Colombia, Libya, Tunisia, Iraq, Rwanda, Nepal and the US on a variety of projects and training in conflict. His current focus within the PoC team includes community engagement in Peacekeeping missions, linking local insights to international preparation and training for Peacekeeping and Civil-Military interaction. He joined PAX in 2009.

Email: rouw -at- paxforpeace -dot- nl
LinkedIn: Hans Rouw

Helena de Jong

Project officer Protection of Civilians

Helena de JongHelena joined the Protection of Civilians team in June 2017. She obtained her Master’s degrees in International Crimes and Criminology, in Conflict Studies and Human Rights and has an Advanced Master in International Development (AMID). Prior to PAX she worked as a project manager for the Netherlands Defence Academy on a EU project on culture, disaster and civil military interaction. Before that she worked for Cordaid on the development and implementation of community surveys in conflict affected countries and was involved with the Public International Law and Policy Group as a research associate.

Email: dejong -at- paxforpeace -dot- nl
LinkedIn: Helena de Jong

Marieke Meeske

Project officer Human Security Survey

  Marieke joined the Protection of Civilians team in June 2018. She holds a MSc degree in Development Economics from Wageningen University, and a BSc degree in International Development (WUR). Previously she has been working as an intern at Oxfam Novib in the Impact Measurement and Knowledge team, and she has been conducting quantitative research in Vietnam on the effect of rural-urban migration on food consumption. She has worked as volunteer at various organizations, e.g. at the Dutch Red Cross and the Boat Refugee Foundation in Athens.

Email: meeske -at- paxforpeace -dot- nl
LinkedIn: Marieke Meeske 

Mbiko Tanggahma

Group assistant Protection of Civilians

Mbiko TanggahmaMbiko joined PAX in October 2016. She was born in The Hague, has a Papuan background and spent half of her childhood in Dakar, Senegal. Mbiko offers logictical and practical support to the whole team. Next to her work at PAX, she takes pride in her voluntary work as liaison for ELSHAM Papua in Europe, helping them with communication, fundraising, events and lobby work at the UN in Geneva and at the EU in Brussels.

Email: tanggahma -at- paxforpeace -dot- nl
LinkedIn: Mbiko Tanggahma

Niels Terpstra

Academic Advisor

Niels TerpstraNiels is a PhD Candidate in Conflict Studies at the History of International Relations Department (GIB) at the Utrecht University. His research interests centre around the nature of governance as carried out by non-state (armed) actors during violent conflict, and policies of peace- and statebuilding during third-party interventions. Niels’s role in the PoC team at PAX is to provide academic insights to ongoing work and to combine his qualitative research experiences with the quantitative results of the Human Security Survey projects.

Email: terpstra -at- paxforpeace -dot- nl
LinkedIn: Niels Terpstra

Wilbert van der Zeijden

Project lead Defence and Security Policies

Wilbert van der ZeijdenWilbert is Defense and Security Policies project coordinator at PAX. He’s an international relations specialist and a graduate of the Vrije University in Amsterdam. Previously he coordinated the ‘Militarism and Globalisation’ program at the Transnational Institute (2001-2009) and he was senior researcher in the Humanitarian Disarmament team of PAX (2010-2015). His current focus within the PoC team includes the international developments in PoC policy making and implementation; civilian harm; and European security.

Email: vanderzeijden -at- paxforpeace -dot- nl
LinkedIn: Wilbert van der Zeijden

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