The Team

Ali Maleki

Consultant Protection of Civilians

Ali completed the MA program in Conflict Studies and Human Rights from Utrecht University with a thesis on the strategic choices of Iranian protesters during government repression. Prior to his graduate studies, Ali obtained a BSc in International Relations from Leiden University. Ali has a deep passion for international cooperation and security, particularly in relation to Iran. Ali joined the team in September 2020 to coordinate the annual PAX Protection of Civilians Conference. In 2021, Ali rejoined the team as consultant for our work on transparency and accountability standards for military interventions, with a focus on the Hawija case.

Email: maleki -at- paxforpeace -dot- nl | LinkedIn: Ali Maleki

Anita Hossain

Senior Data Analyst Human Security Survey

Anita specializes in monitoring & evaluation, results, and data for peace and conflict programming. During her time at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and War Child Holland, she gained expertise on the development of theories of change, results frameworks, and logframes, the reporting of complex and varied results, and communicating these results to various audiences. She obtained a BSc in Social Psychology and an MA in Conflict Studies and Human Rights, is passionate about quantitative analysis, research methodologies, and data, and has substantive experience working with the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). Anita joined PAX as Senior Analyst for the Human Security Survey.

Email: hossain -at- paxforpeace -dot- nl | LinkedIn: Anita Hossain

Anton Quist

Project Lead Human Security Survey South Sudan

Anton QuistAnton is a human security and civil-military specialist, with a background in social science and development studies. Anton obtained a Master’s degree on Cultural Anthropology and Non-Western Sociology at Leiden University, a Bachelor’s degree on Arabic Language and Culture at Leiden University, as well as an Advanced Master International Development at the Radboud University Nijmegen. Previously, Anton has worked with United Civilians for Peace (UCP), ICCO and Kerk in Actie, before joining PAX in 2013.

Email: quist -at- paxforpeace -dot- nl | LinkedIn: Anton Quist

Brittany Roser

UN Advocacy Advisor PAX

Brittany Roser is the UN Advocacy Advisor for PAX in New York, where she focuses on identifying opportunities and fostering strategic engagement and partnership with key international actors, including the UN and its Member States, on a variety of peace and security issues. Prior to joining PAX, Brittany worked for the International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect (ICRtoP) and the NGO Working Group on the Security Council (NGOWG/SC), with a particular focus on policy research and advocacy on international protection agendas such as Protection of Civilians (PoC), Responsibility to Protect (R2P), and Women, Peace and Security (WPS), among others. Brittany has a Master of Science degree focusing on International Relations and Security Policies from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Email: roser -at- paxforpeace -dot- nl | LinkedIn: Brittany Roser

Carrie Huisman

Partnership Coordinator Protection of Civilians

Carrie HuismanCarrie is a conflict resolution, governance, and human security specialist with a technical background in research, program evaluation, and training. From 2016-2019, Carrie served as the Project Lead for PAX’s Human Security Survey work in Iraq, subsequently transitioning into the role of Partnership Coordinator for the PoC team’s overarching program. Prior to joining PAX, she worked previously with Freedom House and the Feinstein International Center, and served as a consultant for a wide variety of international institutions (among others, for the International Criminal Court, Save the Children, Search for Common Ground, USAID, and the World Bank). She has significant field experience in Iraq, Jordan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Uganda, and Indonesia. Carrie obtained a Master’s degree in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School at Tufts University.

Email: huisman -at- paxforpeace -dot- nl | LinkedIn: Carrie Stefansky Huisman

Erin Bijl

Project Officer Protection of Civilians

Erin first joined the team as an intern in February 2019 as part of her Conflict Studies and Human Rights MA programme, which she completed Cum Laude with a thesis on the securitisation of Muslims in Myanmar. After her studies, Erin rejoined the Protection of Civilians team, where she currently works as a Project Officer for the Protection in Practice project, focusing in particular on research and advocacy around civilian harm and its tracking, investigation, response and mitigation.

Email: bijl -at- paxforpeace -dot- nl | LinkedIn: Erin Bijl

Hans Rouw

Program Lead Protection of Civilians team & Project Lead Engaging International Actors on PoC (EIA)

Hans RouwHans Rouw is a security and disarmament specialist with a decade of progressive experience in research, project management and advocacy on human security approaches in conflict. He has worked in diverse contexts such as South Sudan, DR Congo, Colombia, Libya, Tunisia, Iraq, Rwanda, Nepal and the US on a variety of projects and training in conflict. His current focus within the PoC team includes community engagement in Peacekeeping missions, linking local insights to international preparation and training for Peacekeeping and Civil-Military interaction. He joined PAX in 2009. Hans is the overall Program Lead for PoC in PAX, Project Lead of the PoC project Engaging International Actors on PoC and closely works with the MFA and the MoD on PoC related themes.

Email: rouw -at- paxforpeace -dot- nl | LinkedIn: Hans Rouw

John Malith Mabor

Senior Project Officer Human Security South Sudan (Juba)

John was previously involved in the Human Security Survey (HSS) in South Sudan project in his capacity as HSS Coordinator at the South Sudan Action Network on Small Arms (SSANSA). He contributed to two survey cycles, assisted in training 80 data collectors, supervised the collection of 4.253 respondents and organized community engagement events attended by more than 400 local stakeholders. He contributes primarily to the HSS in South Sudan, where he will be conducting data collector trainings, organizing security dialogues and coordinating with the local field partners and committees on the ground.

Email: malith -at- paxforpeace -dot- nl

Marc Garlasco

Military Specialist (focus: Civilian Harm Mitigation, mission evaluation and protection data)

Marc has over 20 years’ experience in military targeting and war crimes investigations. He began his career as the Chief of High Value Targeting in the Pentagon where he conducted operational planning for multiple conflicts. Shifting to Human Rights Watch and the UN he investigated violations of international humanitarian law in Afghanistan, Gaza, Georgia, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, and elsewhere. In 2011 he was the head of Civilian Protection at UNAMA and was later the Senior Military Advisor on the UN commissions in Libya and Syria. Recently he deployed on the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt where he studied civilian harm mitigation in airstrikes. He is the co/author of numerous human rights reports and studies including the ICRC guide on Explosive Weapons in Populated Areas. Marc’s focus is on civilian harm mitigation, mission evaluations, protection data analysis, and providing his expertise on weapons to the organization.

Email: garlasco -at- paxforpeace -dot- nl | LinkedIn: Marc Garlasco

Marco Grandi

Military Specialist (focus: PoC focused training solutions and exercises for military audiences)

Marco served as a military officer for 20 years. He has covered a range of positions including aircrew, intelligence, logistics and training, as well as having served multiple deployments to Afghanistan and within the Mediterranean, but has also had experience in emergency disaster response. Marco has served within NATO’s strategic command at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), where he supported Civil-Military Cooperation efforts and was part of the Alliance’s implementation and operationalization efforts with regards to NATO’s PoC policy. He has also considerable experience in military planning, training development and delivery, Exercise Planning, and as a NATO Evaluator. Marco has a Bachelor’s in Political Science, and a Master’s in Strategic Analysis and Leadership. Marco provides PAX with military advice, and works on PoC focused training solutions and exercises for military audiences.

Email: grandi -at- paxforpeace -dot- nl

Mbiko Tanggahma

Group Assistant Protection of Civilians

Mbiko joined PAX in October 2016. She was born in The Hague, has a Papuan background and spent half of her childhood in Dakar, Senegal. Mbiko offers logistical and practical support to the whole team. Next to her work at PAX, she takes pride in her voluntary work as liaison for ELSHAM Papua in Europe, helping them with communication, fundraising, events and lobby work at the UN in Geneva and at the EU in Brussels.

Email: tanggahma -at- paxforpeace -dot- nl | LinkedIn: Mbiko Tanggahma

Rosie Ball

EU Advocacy Advisor PAX

Rosie Ball is PAX’s EU Advocacy Advisor, based in Brussels, and is also PAX’s Middle East Advocacy focal point. Previously she worked for Crisis Action’s EU Office, building coalitions of international and local human rights, humanitarian and peacebuilding NGOs and working with them to campaign on issues affecting civilians in conflict. She has also interned on Oxfam GB’s Rights in Crisis Team, and Amnesty International’s Individuals at Risk Programme. She has a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford, where she specialised in International Relations; and wrote her thesis on international advocacy campaigns about civil wars.

Email: ball -at- paxforpeace -dot- nl | LinkedIn: Rosie Ball

Saba Azeem

Project Lead Human Security Survey Iraq

Saba comes with over eight years of experience working in the development and humanitarian sectors in conflict and post-conflict environments. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s in Conflict Studies and Human Rights, with experience working in fundraising, grant management, programme management, qualitative research and civilian harm tracking. Originally hailing from Pakistan, Saba has also lived and worked in Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan and Syria for organisations such as the Danish Committee for Aid for Afghan Refugees (DACAAR), the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and Oxfam.

Email: azeem -at- paxforpeace -dot- nl | LinkedIn: Saba Azeem

Selma van Oostwaard

Senior Project Officer Protection of Civilians

Selma van Oostwaard Selma joined PAX in 2011, where she worked with the Humanitarian Disarmament team. She was pivotal in the work that was done on the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), which won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017. Selma represented PAX during international disarmament platforms and was part of the PAX delegation joining the negotiations on the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. She joined the Protection of Civilians team thereafter as senior project officer, with a focus on international developments in PoC policy making and implementation (Engaging International Actors on Protection of Civilians) .

Email: vanoostwaard -at- paxforpeace -dot- nl | LinkedIn: Selma van Oostwaard

Wilbert van der Zeijden

Team Coordinator Protection of Civilians & Project Lead Protection in Practice (PiP)

Wilbert van der ZeijdenWilbert is team coordinator Protection of Civilians and Project lead Protection in Practice at PAX. He’s an international relations specialist and a graduate of the Vrije University in Amsterdam. Previously he coordinated the ‘Militarism and Globalisation’ program at the Transnational Institute (2001-2009) and he was senior researcher in the Humanitarian Disarmament team of PAX (2010-2015). His current focus within the PoC team includes the international developments in PoC policy making and implementation, civilian harm and European security.

Email: vanderzeijden -at- paxforpeace -dot- nl | LinkedIn: Wilbert van der Zeijden

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