About PAX

PAX means peace. For over 60 years PAX has worked together with people in (post) conflict areas and concerned citizens to build just and peaceful societies across the globe.

In times of war and  conflict, PAX works towards protection of  civilians whatever their political or religious background. We are committed to bringing armed conflict to an end and to building peace with justice. PAX campaigns for the rights of people who are  harmed by governments or companies looking to exploit natural resources in the areas where they live. We also work at the international level to prevent conflict and to curb the manufacture, trade and use of weapons that cause unacceptable humanitarian harm. Our guiding principles in this are  solidarity  and human dignity because we believe that everyone has the right to live free from fear.

Local peace initiatives
We work in 15 countries in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Southeastern Europe, where we initiate and support local peace initiatives. We work together with local peace activists in conflict areas and  build bridges between hostile groups. PAX adapts its work to suit the countries and regions we operate in. This proven approach is key to the quality and success of our work.
PAX also works on several underlying themes, like ‘natural resources and conflict’, and ‘security and disarmament’. By linking our  country specific work with these overarching themes we can increase the  impact of our work.

Furthermore PAX links its work with  partners on the ground in conflict areas to decision makers at the national and international level. In this way we can connect local security needs to policy makers at the EU, NATO and the UN. To this end we have advocacy offices at the UN in New York and the EU in Brussels.

Public campaigning
PAX brings together people that have the courage to stand for peace. Through public campaigns we mobilize national and international public and political support.

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