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Scorched earth and charred lives

The PAX report Scorched Earth and Charred Lives shows a sharp increase in the number of makeshift refineries in Syria’s oil rich Deir ez-Zor governorate, in the past four years, with the most recent analysis based on satellite images from June 2016.

This research highlights wider concerns about the unpredictable consequences of conflict on public and environmental health, and urges the international agencies, relevant member states and their armed forces, and relevant humanitarian actors to prepare intervention strategies for dealing with the serious health impacts of civilian-operated oil refineries, as well as socio-economic development plans to support alternative ways of generating income.

About this report

Date of publication:

Aug 01, 2016


Wim Zwijnenburg



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Scorched earth and charred lives

Aug 01, 2016, Wim Zwijnenburg

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