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Reverberating Effects from Military Action

One of the themes of the 2020 PAX PoC Conference was reverberating effects of use of force on civilians. During armed conflict, the negative effects of warfare often extend far beyond a weapon's direct, immediate impact. Nonetheless, there is still too little attention for longer-term, indirect and sometimes non-physical impact of certain weapons and strategies in military training, operations and evaluations.

This recommendations brief provides context to the topic, and contains a number of recommendations for military actors on how to prevent, minimise or mitigate harmful reverberating effects of their use of force on civilians. The recommendations are based on discussions during the various sessions of the conference.

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Date of publication:

Dec 17, 2020


Erin Bijl


PAX Protection of Civilians

Reverberating Effects from Military Action

Dec 17, 2020, Erin Bijl

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