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HSS 2019: Summary findings from Kirkuk, Iraq

In April 2019, PAX and its local partner, the Iraqi Al-Amal Association conducted a Human Security Survey across Kirkuk governorate about the experiences of civilian populations with issues of insecurity and conflict.

The HSS is developed by PAX's Protection of Civilians team and includes a series of complementary activities, including population-based research, community engagement, and advocacy. The survey in Kirkuk took place over 3 weeks in April 2019. A total of 15 enumerators completed 613 interviews (52% female respondents and 48% male respondents) across all 4 districts in the governorate, accessing Hawija district for the first time since the HSS started in 2017.

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Jan 28, 2020





HSS 2019: Summary findings from Kirkuk, Iraq

Jan 28, 2020

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