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HSS Expert Panel Monitor: Q3-Q4 update from Jonglei State, South Sudan

In February 2023, a PAX interviewer conducted 16 interviews with local experts in Jonglei State. This group included local government officials, police officers, chiefs, women and youth leaders. This report summarizes the security dynamics observed by the consulted experts during Q3 and Q4 of 2022.


  • Perceptions on current dynamics are mixed; 25% of consulted local security experts claim that the general security situation across Greater Bor (Bor South, Twic East and Duk counties) has improved during the second half of 2022, with an equal 25% saying security has deteriorated and half of respondents (50%) indicate not having observed any changes following the last survey from 7 months ago.
  • Respondents based their security assessment largely on the fact that intercommunal violence, most notably cattle raids, child abductions, road ambushes and random killings, were still taking place frequently.
  • All respondents reported experiencing environmental changes during the latter half of 2022. Extensive flooding was again a feature of this year’s rainy season, leading to casualties, widespread destruction of homes, agricultural fields and livestock, forcibly displacing communities with their herds to neighboring states and creating food insecurity, water-borne diseases and a general humanitarian emergency among the IDPs.
  • Two-thirds of respondents say that the practice of (under-aged) forced marriages has been reduced thanks to increased awareness and engagement by NGOs and CSOs; Law enforcement in Bor Town was strengthened thanks to the establishment of numerous police posts around the city and increased patrols, thereby combating crime and gang activities more effectively.

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Date of publication:

Apr 06, 2023


Anton Quist


PAX Protection of Civilians


Q3-Q4 2022

HSS Expert Panel Monitor: Q3-Q4 update from Jonglei State, South Sudan

Apr 06, 2023, Anton Quist

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