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HSS Expert Panel Monitor: Q1-Q2 update from Jonglei State, South Sudan

In June 2022, a PAX interviewer conducted 12 interviews with local experts in Jonglei State. This group included local government officials, (armed) youth leaders, chiefs, women leaders and religious leaders. This report summarizes the security dynamics observed by the consulted experts during Q1 and Q2 of 2022.


  • Most consulted local security experts (58%) claimed that the general security situation across Greater Bor (Bor South, Twic East and Duk counties) improved in the first half of 2022, with an additional 25% not observing any changes with the last survey, and 17% of experts observing a deteriorated security situation since the end of last year;
  • The experts attributed improved security levels to extensive flooding in some areas, leading to many cattle camps (the main target for suspected Murle armed youth) being relocated to Central and East Equatoria states. Others claimed that cattle raids, child abductions and other forms of intercommunal violence by Murle militias still posed a considerable threat to Greater Bor communities. For example, in January more than 30 people were killed, numerous others wounded and displaced when suspected Murle armed youth attacked Baidit in Bor South County and raided thousands of cattle, but also numerous other local violent incidents were mentioned;
  • In addition, the new State Legislative Assembly was constituted for Jonglei, leading to expected improvements in administration and security provision. A new State Police Commissioner was appointed and a number of police cars and motorcycles were distributed by the national government to assist in law enforcement tasks. In Gadieng (Duk County) a new police post was established, as well as in several areas of Bor town. However, governance challenges remain as tensions erupted over the last few months between the State Government and civil servants over allegations of corruption concerning unpaid salaries;
  • The (re)construction of dykes in towns such as Bor and Panyagor by youth and local authorities, with the support of WFP, seems to have greatly reduced the effects of flooding in urban areas;
  • Crime levels in Bor town continue to be lower than previous years, thanks to the crackdown by the joined security forces consisting of police and SSPDF (army). However, inadequate salaries are threatening these improvements as police officers, especially in rural areas, abandon their jobs.

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Sep 12, 2022


Anton Quist


PAX Protection of Civilians


Q1-Q2 2022

HSS Expert Panel Monitor: Q1-Q2 update from Jonglei State, South Sudan

Sep 12, 2022, Anton Quist

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