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HSS Expert Panel Monitor: Q1 2021 update from Jonglei, South Sudan

In March-April 2021, a PAX interviewer conducted 12 interviews with local experts in Jonglei State. The group of experts included local government officials, police, armed youth leaders, chiefs, and other civil society leaders. This report summarizes the security dynamics observed by the consulted experts in the first quarter of 2021.


  • All experts claimed that the security situation across Jonglei improved since the beginning of 2021;
  • The experts primarily attributed this improvement to progress in the government-initiated peace dialogue between Bor Dinka (Jonglei) and Murle (GPAA/Pibor) communities. Despite severe inter-communal violence throughout 2020, the panel reported a significant reduction of intercommunal violence cases between Dinka and Murle communities in the first quarter of 2021;
  • Though police presence and capabilities across Jonglei remain limited, a vast majority of experts report increased police deployments in 2021 and an improvement in the overall responsiveness of the police. Concerns by police about lack of mobility remained, predominantly because of bad road network and shortage of vehicles;
  • The police is cracking down on night robberies and gang violence in Bor Town, while the number of court cases and convictions have also increased in 2021;
  • The biggest remaining challenge identified by the panel is combatting flooding. The rainy season of 2020 saw unprecedented levels of flooding and related displacement across Jonglei and other states. In preparation of this year’s rainy season, Jonglei State Government and NGOs are (re)constructing dykes. Worries remain that the current efforts are insufficient in scope to prevent another round of destructive flooding, displacement and insecurity during the upcoming rainy season.

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Date of publication:

Jul 26, 2021


Anton Quist


PAX Protection of Civilians


Q1 2021

HSS Expert Panel Monitor: Q1 2021 update from Jonglei, South Sudan

Jul 26, 2021, Anton Quist

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