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HSS 2023: Data summary from Diyala, Iraq (English)

This report summarizes civilian perceptions on various topics related to human security in Diyala, Iraq. Data was collected in Diyala by 14 enumerators from 1 to 14 March, during which a total of 751 civilians (383 females and 368 males) were interviewed. This was done in conjunction with our partner, Wand Al-khair Human Organisation.

Sub-districts not surveyed in this round of data collection: Abu Saida, Saadiyah and Kifri Centre.

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About this report

Date of publication:

Jan 22, 2024


Abdullatif Sleibi & Ioana Murgoci




March 2023

HSS 2023: Data summary from Diyala, Iraq (English)

Jan 22, 2024, Abdullatif Sleibi & Ioana Murgoci

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