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HSS 2021: Summary findings from Eastern Equatoria, South Sudan

This report reflects on the 2021 Human Security Survey (HSS) outcomes of Magwi County, Eastern Equatoria State (EES), South Sudan, which took place over the course of three weeks in April 2021, as well as a community security dialogue which took place in August 2021 in Torit. During the three-day dialogue the main survey findings and their practical implications were presented, discussed and validated. Participants jointly developed an action plan for addressing security priorities locally.

Key findings & recommendations to local government and UNMISS

  • Almost two-thirds of Magwi respondents (64%) generally reported improved security levels during 2020-2021 compared with previous years. Local stakeholders request UNMISS to:
    • Actively assist in protecting returning refugees and IDPs to Magwi, and support confidence-building measures to guarantee and sustain the improved security to further encourage the return of refugees to the area, for instance by establishing a temporary field base in Magwi.
  • Local community leaders/chiefs and police are the most often contacted security actors in Magwi County, and their performance is considered good (chiefs = 69%, police = 57%). Local stakeholders call upon local government authorities and UNMISS to:
    • Increase engagement and interaction with local communities, including chiefs, local government authorities and the police;
    • Provide concrete support in improving local police capabilities through technical training and necessary resources. Through improved communication and more regular patrols, police can execute its ‘community policing’ potential;
    • Report and punish all human rights abuses by uniformed personnel pro-actively, as they undermine the community’s confidence in local security actors;
    • Provide logistical support to community-based protection initiatives such as local peace dialogues.

About this report

Date of publication:

Mar 12, 2022


Anton Quist


PAX Protection of Civilians



HSS 2021: Summary findings from Eastern Equatoria, South Sudan

Mar 12, 2022, Anton Quist

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