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Siege Watch #4

This Siege Watch report focuses on the developments in Syria from August to October 2016. reveals that an estimated 1,326,175 remain people trapped in at least 39 besieged communities across the country. During this period, the Syrian government scaled up its attacks on communities under control of the opposition.

The regime´s tactic toward residents in the besieged communities shifted from “surrender or starve” to “surrender or die”. After the end of this period, the UN announced that following a “comprehensive review” it increased its estimate of Syrians under siege to 974,080. The official UN population figures for besieged areas have nearly tripled since Siege Watch began reporting in late 2015, but even these new estimates fall short of the latest Siege Watch estimate.

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Dec 12, 2016


The Syria Institute (TSI) & PAX


August-October 2016

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Siege Watch #4

Dec 12, 2016

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