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Community Engagement: Concepts, Guidelines, and Recommendations

This literature review aims to provide an overview of publications that address the concept and practice of Community Engagement (CE) in conflict- and crisis- affected contexts. The objective of this review is to garner existing engagement concepts, guidelines and tools, their shortcomings, and current field-based recommendations for a practice- and people-centered approach in engaging with local communities during peacekeeping and humanitarian operations.

This literature review forwards recommendations and best practices for a more strategic approach in building trustworthy and mutually beneficial relationships with local populations in conflict settings. The document serves as a guide to recent publications on community engagement in and during armed conflict for civil and military practitioners in the field of international security and development.

About this report

Date of publication:

Jan 08, 2021


Ali Maleki



Community Engagement: Concepts, Guidelines, and Recommendations

Jan 08, 2021, Ali Maleki

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