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A River of Death (Arabic)

How oil pollution is impacting health and livelihoods in conflict-affected northeast Syria.

A River of Death shows how persistent pollution from a degrading oil facility has led to tens-of-thousands of barrels of oil flowing into canals and creeks, and ending up in a 160km long river. Through open-source investigation, remote sensing and local partners, this research demonstrates how the years-long pollution of the river has serious health and environmental implications for the thousands of Syrian families spread across 200 communities living along the riverbed, affecting tens of thousands of hectares of agricultural lands and bringing severe risk to drinking water sources through groundwater contamination, as well as potential effects on livestock.

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Date of publication:

Jun 30, 2020


Wim Zwijnenburg and Yifang Shi



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A River of Death (Arabic)

Jun 30, 2020, Wim Zwijnenburg and Yifang Shi

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