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Episode #2 (S1E2): In Search of Answers

In Somalia, a family sits down to eat. Before dinner is over, their lives have been irreversibly changed. A U.S. airstrike had hit their home. Unfortunately, this is not an unfamiliar scene for civilians living in conflict-affected areas. Speaking with experts from Somalia and Yemen, this episode explores what happens after harm, and the challenges civilians face trying to get answers, recognition, and amends.

The Civilian Protection Podcast, brought to you by CIVIC and PAX, shares the voices of people affected by war, the dangers they face, the choices they make, and what can be done to better protect them — because we believe it’s time to put them at the center of the discussion.

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Date of publication:

Aug 12, 2021




Guests: Abdullahi Hassan (Researcher, Amnesty International) and Bonyan Gamal (Accountability and Redress Officer, Mwatana for Human Rights)

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