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Update from South Sudan: collecting data during a pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly interfered with the Human Security Survey (HSS) South Sudan field activities planned for 2020. The virus was confirmed to have reached South Sudan on April, 5, 2020. The original planning could not be followed due to the pandemic, and all HSS field activities in South Sudan, such as enumerator trainings, data collection and community dialogues, have been suspended for months. However, earlier this month we organized a field activity that had proven successful.

New health protocol
From July 15-18, we conducted a four days enumerator training in Ariop Hotel, Jonglei State. The survey initially would have taken place in Duk as well, but due to safety and insecurity issues we decided survey only Twic and Bor. Two payams of Jalle and Anyidii will be surveyed partially.

HSS enumerator training in Jonglei, South Sudan, 15-18 July 2020 (photos: PAX)

During the training the participants were enthusiastic and participated actively. The modules were updated to the current situation and included many COVID-19 elements. For example, social distancing is now part of the health protocol and the field work packages for the enumerators also include hand sanitizer and face masks.

Follow the team in South Sudan
In the upcoming weeks the enumerators will conduct population-based research in Jonglei State. While upholding the measures to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the enumerators will gather information on the nature of security threats that people face, perceptions of their vulnerability to violence, the impacts of these experiences and perceptions on their daily lives, and their expectations for the future.

Only if the situation allows it, the results will be discussed within the communities in Jonglei State, and will be followed by constructive – small scale – dialogues with key formal and informal authorities in the region. Live updates from the survey team in Jonglei State will be shared on the new Human Security Facebook page.

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Jul 27, 2020


John Malith Mabor


Photo: Field report of the July Human Security Survey enumerator training in Jonglei State, South Sudan