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Second round of survey data collection starts in Jubek State

-JUBA- Last week a group of eleven enumerators were trained in Juba in survey collection skills. They have started this week in a second round of data collection across Jubek State, which comprises the mainly rural areas outside of the capital Juba.

The surveys will be conducted across three counties of Jubek State, namely Rejaf, Mangalla and Lado counties, with the latter being a new addition to the two counties already surveyed in 2017. Just like last year, the survey findings will eventually be validated and discussed in a Community Security Dialogue to be held in the first half of 2019. Meanwhile, the local Community Security Committee is addressing the in security priorities agreed in the 2017 dialogue meeting by organizing small-scale follow-op events like local dialogue meetings, forums and campaign events. Last July, a two-day farmers-pastoralists forum was jointly organized in Mangalla together with the Civil Affairs Division of UNMISS.

The summary report on the Human Security Survey findings and main conclusions from local community security dialogues from 2017 can be found here.



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