Early Warning / Early Action Pilot


+ Thematic: Women’s organisations in Burkina Faso working on women and resilience


In 2019, PAX carries out the Pilot Project Early Warning / Early Action (EW/EA), which has a total duration of nine months. The project is a cooperation between the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), 1GNC and the Common Effort Community, with PAX acting as the project coordinator.

The overall objective of the Pilot is to test a new method that will enable the Dutch MoFA and its Strategic Partners to quickly and effectively develop integrated and context specific threat analyses, to identify opportunities for early action-initiatives, and to streamline early action-related decision-making processes. To that end, the Pilot collects a diverse group of experts on EW/EA- and conflict prevention-related matters, including researchers and humanitarian, military and political actors. Together, we develop, test and evaluate a conflict sensitive working mechanism for EW/EA in Burkina Faso. Towards the end of the project, the developed early action-initiatives are presented to and discussed on location with local stakeholders.

The project’s methodology combines comprehensive human security risk assessments with local insights and recent data innovations (for instance, remote sensing, Open Source Intelligence, media analysis) in order to identify and act upon conflict-related risks in a timely fashion. The Pilot is part of a longer-term strategy by the Dutch government to take a human security and people-oriented approach to conflict prevention; an area of expertise of the Protection of Civilians-team. If successful, the Pilot may serve as a prelude to more structural cooperation between partners on early warning and conflict-prevention issues.

In the final phase of the Pilot, PAX produces an interactive map to present the gathered insights and produces a report on all the phases and lesson learned, which is shared with the participants and relevant communities.


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